Guest Lecture: Falmouth University


Earlier this year I was invited by Falmouth University to speak on ‘Creative Campaigning’ as part of the BA Journalism and Communications course. As well as talking through some of the campaigns I’ve worked on in the past, I explained how traditional techniques of marketing and branding have changed. In today’s marketplace, people are more interested in what value a product or service gives them and how it make them feel, than the evidence of what has been used to make it. 

In the words of Derek Yates and Jessie Price, “These opportunities require [communication] designers with new skills. The ability to analyze, understand, clarify, and define is as important as the ability to visually style and aesthetically judge. These designers need to be able to collaborate across disciplines and not be restricted to particular medias. By working in both the digital and the physical environments, they are able to create narratives that frame zeitgeist and initiate culture.”

I went on to explain how an integrated marketing campaign is put together, from marketing concept through to execution across multiple channels. I set the group a creative campaign brief, giving them a hypothetical budget and set of deliverables to work on together. 

It was a pleasure to be invited back again last week, to sit on a panel for the group’s final year project. I was thoroughly impressed with the presentations and marketing campaigns put together by the students, and wish them all the best as they pursue careers in their chosen fields. 

Bethia delivered a really engaging guest lecture and workshop on ‘creative campaigning’ as part of the BA in Journalism and Communication at Falmouth University. She stretched the students and sparked some great ideas from them which later featured in their work. She also sat on a panel for the 2nd year students’ final presentations, offering an industry perspective on their campaign ideas. Bethia is enthusiastic and thorough in equal measure, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for creative marketing services.
— Megan Lloyd-Laney, Lecturer at Falmouth University
Bethia Naughton-Rumbo