Social Media


Social media is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. It allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level, and share your brand story in a creative and authentic way. However, with an ever-evolving list of social media platforms and marketing techniques it can be difficult for businesses to keep on top of the latest social media trend.

Bethia has an impressive list of social media clients, from start-up businesses to well-established brands. She can either deliver one-off social media campaigns, or take over complete management of your channels on an ongoing basis.

Expert social media services

Bethia’s skilled social media offering includes a variety of organic and paid advertising services that can help grow your business, such as:


  • Facebook strategy and planning

  • Creative content creation

  • Copywriting, photography and video

  • Growing your Facebook following

  • Facebook events

  • Facebook Live and Stories

  • Creating community with Facebook Groups

  • Advanced audience targeting

  • Monitoring and responding to customer queries

  • Facebook advertising services

  • Facebook analytics and monitoring


  • Creating a tweet schedule and strategy

  • Hashtag research and monitoring

  • Growing your Twitter following

  • Engaging with your target audience

  • Driving engagement for promotional activities

  • Responding and interacting with consumers

  • Reputation management

  • Industry research

  • Networking with bloggers and influencers

  • Generating leads and traffic to your website

  • Twitter analytics and monitoring


  • Creating beautiful Instagram photography and video content

  • Instagram Stories

  • Filters and editing photos

  • Growing your Instagram following

  • Influencer marketing

  • Instagram competitions

  • User-generated content

  • Instagram hashtag research

  • Optimising your Instagram account

  • Photo ads and promoted Instagram stories

  • Instagram Live and IGTV

  • Instagram analytics and audience monitoring


  • Setting up your business Pinterest account

  • Pinterest marketing plan and strategy

  • Putting together a Pinterest content plan

  • Growing your Pinterest following and engagement

  • Beautiful photography and content creation

  • Creating Pinterest Boards and SEO optimised copy

  • Product pins synced with your online store

  • Optimising your Pinterest profile

  • Increasing your website traffic

  • Influencer marketing and creative collaborations

  • Instagram analytics and monitoring


  • Developing SMART goals and a LinkedIn marketing strategy

  • LinkedIn company pages and showcase pages

  • Copywriting and thought leadership articles

  • Creating and maintaining a professional LinkedIn profile

  • Networking and generating business leads

  • LinkedIn Groups

  • Increasing traffic to your website

  • Sponsored content and InMail

  • LinkedIn analytics

Social media strategy

Bethia can help you plan, design and implement an effective social media marketing strategy that will develop your audience, engage your followers and help build a loyal community of consumers who will help you achieve your business goals. Bethia’s social media strategies take into account factors such as channels of distribution, types of content and tone-of-voice to deliver an actionable plan that will help grow your business.

Dedicated approach to social media management

Partnering with Bethia for social media services mean that you guarantee a focussed and dedicated approach to building your online following. Bethia works closely with your internal team to ensure that all of your online presence represents your business’ tone-of-voice and can comprehensively manage your profiles to build a loyal community hub, as well as utilising other approaches such as paid advertising.

Invest in social media marketing services today

If you want to reach your audiences online and increase engagement, then look no further. Bethia can deliver outstanding social media solutions, giving you time to focus on other areas of your business. If you want to discuss your social media business strategy, get in touch.