Strangers on a Train


On 3rd November 2017, the creatives of Cornwall embarked on the journey of a lifetime organised by the lovely team at Stranger Collective. Setting off from Bodmin Central station aboard a 1930s steam train, we were treated to a festival of storytelling, music and ideas with each carriage offering an immersive experience of its own. 

First off, we had graphic designer Annie Atkins talking about her work creating props for films such as Oscar-nominated Grand Budapest Hotel. Explaining the creative process behind such productions, she ran a mini workshop for the passengers to create their own vintage stamp. 

In the next carriage, Simon Cohen was talking about the importance of positivity and seeing beauty in every day encounters. He encouraged us to be ‘adders’ in the worlds of others, living to bring hope and positivity to those around us. 

The rest of the train was packed full of theatrical talents from Scary Little Girls, a quiet carriage to contemplate the publications provided by Juniper Bespoke, the one minute disco for guests to have a quick boogie, and the bar area where Tarquin’s Distillery served up delicious cocktails. 

We arrived back at the station inspired and ready for a feast, provided by The Kitchen and Kern. In one of the stationary carriages, a panel debate took place between filmmaker Matt Jenkins, Joanna Della-Ragione from Kodak and film critic Tara Judah. Discussing the resurgence of interest in analogue filmmaking techniques, they highlighted the importance of preserving this art form for generations to come. 

Stranger Collective had lovingly planned this event, with each element of the event being carefully thought through. It will be a night to remember!

carly gale