Stranger Collective


Stranger Collective wanted to spread the word about their co-working space and creative community in the heart of Falmouth.

I worked with the team to devise a marketing strategy, targeting local freelancers and small business owners who were looking for a space to work, connect and be inspired.

Hosting a focus group

First things first, we hosted a focus group with a selection of local creatives that met our target demographic. Asking questions about their rhythms of work and what they would like to see in a co-working space, we were able to develop an offering that would appeal. With tiered payment plans, regular monthly socials, creative breakfasts, and free tea and biscuits, the League of Strangers Residency was launched.


Creating an impactful window installation

Working with local artist, Dan Arnold, we transformed the studio window into a visually engaging experience for passers by. Inspired by the concept of new beginnings and interconnectedness, Dan created a spider’s web installation out of bright pink builders’ line and masking tape.

We then made the window interactive, inviting people to write or draw what they spied in the window and post it through the letterbox. These were featured on Stranger’s social channels, and provided an opportunity to gather newsletter sign-ups and interest in the co-working space.

"The League of Strangers is a great idea, a web or network of freelancers and remote workers. I think the idea of interconnectedness rolled from there. The Stranger Collective space on Killigrew Street is the nucleus, or initial hub of this League; it’s where the collective begins, the big bang. I wanted to explore webs and things created out of smaller components. Everybody involved will be interwoven with each other and events organised by the Collective.”

- Dan Arnold, Artist


Supporting the campaign online

Alongside the window installation, Stranger Collective worked with Venn Creative to relaunch their website with information about the hot-desking offer, visuals and a clear call to action to ‘Become a Resident’. We worked with filmmaker Kaasam Ali Aziz to create a video, capturing the essence of what being a member of the League entails, and put together a social media campaign inviting freelancers to join the League.

Working alone can be quite isolating. We wanted to provide an alternative; a place where creative professionals could come and get their heads down when they need to, but equally meet other like-minds, be inspired, connect and maybe even collaborate.
— Helen Gilchrist, Partner at Stranger Collective